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August 15, 2017

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Colour Chameleon

August 15, 2017


For a long while now I've wanted to write about colour, specifically nail colour and how colours effect our moods. Not only do colours affect us on a social and cultural levels but there are also our own personal relationships with certain colours. Colour and mood seem to be inexplicably linked which why we sometimes feel blue and sometimes we are green with envy. If you see a red rose does it make you think of love? Or does it make you think of danger and make your heart beat faster? or maybe a little of both. It can be very useful that colour can make us feel a certain way and something that we can take advantage of. By wearing a colour, it can rub off on you and encourage you to feel how you would like to. Wearing different colours can also be used to accentuate a quality we feel we already possess. My favourite nail colour to wear for example is pink I love the way it makes me feel super feminine I also feel that it is a happy loving colour.

The colours of the rainbow also relate to the chakras in our body and I find if I'm craving to wear a certain colour that I don't usually wear it's because maybe that chakra needs my attention. Most often it is light blue for me which relates to my throat chakra which symbolises communication which I find often needs improvement. What is your shade and why? Is it down to habit? Is it to showcase a quality you possess? Or one you would like to have?

By paying attention to what a client likes and how they choose to express themselves it's like a little insight into their soul. Who would have thought that a little nail polish could be so emotive?

So, here's what I've learnt about colours and the chakras and the qualities they represent. You may or may not have different interpretations and that’s ok but here's what they represent to me.







Purple (Crown Chakra)

Purple people are spiritual, perfections and are great humanitarians.


Dark Blue (Third Eye Chakra)

Represents focus, acceptance and intuition.


Light Blue (Throat Chakra)

Represents Communication, Inner peace and seeking the truth.


Green (Heart Chakra)

Green people are here to love and be loved but they are also seeking reassurance.


Yellow (Solar Plexus)

Yellow is all about confidence and self-esteem and they are also very logical.


Orange (Splenic Chakra)

Feminine, creative and motivational. Expressive and full of emotion.


Red (Root Chakra)

Red represents stability, action, excitement and passion.



In addition to this there is.



Pink is girly and represents love and giving unconditionally.



People that favour black are powerful, in control and are protective.


White or Nude.

These colours represent simplicity new beginnings and independence.



If you rock a metallic you are forward thinking, glamourous and strong, see also a force to be reckoned with!


I hope that you've enjoyed this post,


Hannah x